Big sister for Alco Bio Fuel

Alcogroup with its partners Groep Vanden Avenne Commodities and Vandema have signed an agreement to purchase the Abengoa Rotterdam Plant assets, in the frame of the Bankruptcy procedure of Abengoa Bioenergy Nederland.

The Rotterdam plant is one of the largest European Biorefinery with an annual production capacity of 480.000 cubic meters (480 million litres) ethanol for fuel use, 360.000 Mt of DDGS (Dried Distilled Grain with Solubles, high protein feed products), 48 Mw of electricity and 300.000 MT of CO2 for greenhouses.

This strategic acquisition, to be finalized in the coming weeks upon regulatory approvals, reflects our strong belief in the positive contribution of low carbon emissions bioethanol to the European Union’s ambitious decarbonisation targets as set out in the 2030 Framework for climate and energy. Both the Rotterdam plant and our Alco Bio Fuel facility in Ghent (Belgium) can achieve significant Green House Gas savings above 70% compared to fossil fuels.

Ethanol is today the most efficient and competitive product for cleaner fuels in the transport sector.

Alcogroup and its partners are committed to perform the necessary investments in order to further improve the intrinsic qualities of this plant and achieve a state-of-the-art facility in terms of production, environment, safety and carbon footprint.
To this end the new shareholders will rely on the expertise of the current management and workforce in synergy with our Alco Bio Fuel team and the expertise of the shareholders in the ethanol, grain and feed markets.

The group aims to restart the facility this year, reinforcing our commitment to provide a consistent supply of high-quality sustainable bioethanol to our customers in Europe.

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