Alcogroup en COVID-19

COVID 19 – Het Belgische bedrijf ALCOGROUP zal 35.000 liter hydroalcoholische
gel schenken aan Belgische ziekenhuizen die met een tekort kampen.


Hudson Alco Bio Fuel Vacatures



Alco Bio Fuel op zoek naar extra Belgische maïs




Vanaf 1 oktober vloeit uit de helft van de huidige Euro 95 pompen E10: benzine met 10 procent duurzame bio-ethanol.

Een fors deel van deze uit mais gemaakte biobrandstof wordt bij Alco Energy Rotterdam geproduceerd.



Alco Bio Fuel proudly celebrates its 10 years operations, from an ethanol + DDGS plant to a state-of-the art bio refinery!

And we will not stop here, read more on our press release.”



Proticorn®, the animal feed produced by Alco Bio fuel and Alco Energy Rotterdam, in “La Revue de l’alimentation animale”

Our 2 plants work as biorefineries, transforming grain in 3 main products: fuel ethanol, a low carbon addition to gasoline, DDGS, a protein-rich animal feed branded Proticorn®, and CO2, used for food, horticulture and industrial applications. Vanden Avenne Commodities, who markets our Proticorn® DDGS was interviewed by the French magazine “La Reveue de l’Alimentation Animale”.  Johan Gereels, Quality Manager, underlines a few important aspects of our product: the quality control is very strict on possible traces of dioxines, pesticides, mycotoxins among others; Proticorn® is made from European corn, certified sustainable by ISCC, and replaces imports of GMO soja. We really create value along the chain!

ABF-AER in La Revue de l’alimentation animale



AlcoBiofuel produceert bio-ethanol met maïs. Toegevoegd aan benzine vermindert dit product de CO2-uitstoot. Bio-ethanolproductie is een energie intensief en duurzaam proces.



ePure visits Alco Bio Fuel

On August 22, Alco Bio Fuel welcomed the team of ePure, the European renewable ethanol association, for a visit of the plant.

As ePure tweeted that day, it was a good proof that “renewable European #ethanol and food production go hand-in-hand #foodandfuel”
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To learn more how see http://epure.org/news-and-media/news/watch-european-renewable-ethanol-food-plus-fuel/



“Quiz: how much do you know about sustainable biofuels?”

Today we have published our latest article in POLITICO: an interactive quiz on ethanol and biofuels. We encourage you to take the quiz and share it widely.
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According to latest producer data, ethanol production and use scored better than 66% average savings over fossil petrol – yet another increase in ethanol’s EU decarbonisation performance. (meer…)


Poll shows Europeans overwhelmingly want crop-based biofuels

Brussels  —  Europeans  overwhelmingly  support  the  use  of  conventional  biofuels  made  from  crops  and believe EU policy should encourage it, according to an EU-wide opinion survey released today.



Belgian Ministry launches E10 information campaign

On Monday the Belgian Federal Ministry of Economy launched a “broad information campaign” in view of the E10 introduction in Belgium as from 1 January 2017.

An informational website has been set up, while the “Contact Center” of the FPS Economy is ready to answer questions of all petrol vehicle users. “The aim of this doubling of bioethanol content is to reduce overall CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions from petrol vehicles and enable Belgium to meet its objectives of 10% of energy renewables in transport by 2020,” said Chantal De Pauw, spokesperson at the Ministry of Economy.



Big sister for Alco Bio Fuel

Alcogroup with its partners Groep Vanden Avenne Commodities and Vandema have signed an agreement to purchase the Abengoa Rotterdam Plant assets, in the frame of the Bankruptcy procedure of Abengoa Bioenergy Nederland.

The Rotterdam plant is one of the largest European Biorefinery with an annual production capacity of 480.000 cubic meters (480 million litres) ethanol for fuel use, 360.000 Mt of DDGS (Dried Distilled Grain with Solubles, high protein feed products), 48 Mw of electricity and 300.000 MT of CO2 for greenhouses.



Losoperatie van opslagtanks voor hergebruik van CO2 bij Alco Bio Fuel in Gentse haven

Bij Alco Bio Fuel in de haven van Gent worden op woensdag 17 en donderdag 18 februari enkele grote opslagtanks gelost. Bij deze grote losoperatie worden 4 tanks uit evenveel binnenvaartschepen gelost en vervolgens op het terrein opgesteld. De opslagtanks worden gebruikt in een productieproces om CO2 vloeibaar te maken voor een product uit de voedingsindustrie, zoals bubbels in frisdranken.



European Commission urged to take advantage of once-in-a-decade opportunity to reduce damaging transport emissions

Brussels, 11 February 2016 – The European renewable ethanol association (ePURE) has today called on the European Commission to rise to the challenge of decarbonising the transport sector, which is soon to be Europe’s largest single source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

In a submission to the public consultation for the new Renewable Energy Directive (REDII), which is being drafted this year and will cover the period 2020-2030, ePURE sets out the case for a binding framework which maximizes the contribution of renewable fuels in decarbonising transport.



Decarbonising transport must take centre stage in Europe’s efforts to meet historic COP21 ambitions

Brussels, Today – On 12 December, 195 Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change agreed to curb greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and strengthen global action to fight climate change.

The Paris Agreement includes an objective to limit global warming to “well below 2C above preindustrial levels” and “pursue efforts” to limit the temperature increase to 1.5C. The European

Renewable Ethanol Association (ePURE) welcomes the COP21 agreement and calls on the EU to make decarbonising its transport sector a key priority of its actions to meet the COP21 ambitions.



EU farmers and maize processors join forces as the 11th round of TTIP negotiations starts

As the 11th Round of EU-US TTIP negotiations starts in Miami, starting today, EU farmers represented by COPA-COGECA, EU maize growers represented by CEPM, and EU ethanol and starch producers, represented by ePURE and Starch Europe respectively, today warned of the negative impact on the EU economy posed by the increased market access for US maize and maize products which could result from the negotiations.



Europe’s concerns over diesel emissions must be addressed by strengthening its petrol-ethanol market

Recent concerns over particulate emissions from diesel engines in Europe must be addressed to ensure that Europe’s air quality does not decline any further, says the European renewable ethanol association (ePURE). A rebalancing of the European transport fuel market in favour of petrol with increased ethanol content is one solution to the problem of rising diesel use in Europe.



Alco Bio Fuel, Messer Benelux and IJsfabriek Strombeek invest 15 million euros in re-use of CO2 in the Port of Ghent.

The bio-refinery Alco Bio Fuel (ABF), the industrial gas suppliers Messer Benelux and IJsfabriek Strombeek are joining forces to reduce CO2 emissions in Belgium.

Together they are investing 15 million euros in a brand-new carbon dioxide ´recovery unit´, established at Alco Bio Fuel in the Port of Ghent.
A little over a year from now, during the summer of 2016, this new unit should be operational and will recover and process no less than 100,000 tons of green CO2 each year.



ILUC deal paves the way for a long-­‐term decarbonisation policy for EU transport

Brussels, 28/04/2015 – The European Parliament voted today to endorse a compromise with Council on ILUC. The European renewable ethanol industry association (ePURE) believes that while the deal lacks ambition, it is a much needed first step in reestablishing market stability and defining a long term decarbonisation policy for the transport sector in which European ethanol has a crucial keys for windows role to play.




ePURE’s position on ILUC 2nd reading

The European renewable ethanol association (ePURE) believes that an agreement on the ILUC file is a prerequisite to creating a long‐term, stable and ambitious policy framework that will promote biofuels with better environmental performance and restore much‐needed investors’ confidence in the European sustainable biofuels market, which has been badly shaken since the Commission’s proposal in 2012.



Court puts more heat on diesels

Nitrogen dioxide in cities is illegally high and the European Court of Justice ruled judges must force ministers to clean up the air as soon as possible.
The pollutant comes almost entirely from diesel vehicles.



2 new projects at the bio-ethanol plant in the port of Ghent

Alco Bio Fuel informs that it has successfully commissioned 2 new projects at its bio-ethanol plant in the port of Ghent, for a total investment of 13,5 M EUR.



ePURE welcomes anti-dumping decision on US ethanol imports.

Brussels,Today–The EU has gone a step ahead towards making a final decision to impose an antidumping duty of 9,6% on US ethanol imports for 5 years. A majority of EU member states endorsed this decision. It was considered legitimate to compensate EU producers for the injury caused by cheap and subsidised US ethanol imports on the EU market during the past 3 years, causing ethanol prices in Europe to go substantially down.