ILUC deal paves the way for a long-­‐term decarbonisation policy for EU transport

Brussels, 28/04/2015 – The European Parliament voted today to endorse a compromise with Council on ILUC. The European renewable ethanol industry association (ePURE) believes that while the deal lacks ambition, it is a much needed first step in reestablishing market stability and defining a long term decarbonisation policy for the transport sector in which European ethanol has a crucial keys for windows role to play.


Today’s vote amends the existing EU biofuels legislation and is expected to be ratified by the Council of the EU in June, putting an end to a 3-year legislative procedure that has fundamentally undermined investment and stability in the EU biofuels market.


ePURE has consistently advocated for a swift and balanced closure of the ILUC file in order to restore regulatory and market certainty and therefore welcomes progress towards a conclusion of this file. It now calls on EU policy makers to develop a stable long term and ambitious plan to support renewables in transport in the context of the Energy Union Strategy and the 2030 Climate and Energy policy framework.


The absence of binding targets for advanced biofuels and renewable ethanol use in petrol in the compromise deal – key measures proposed by the Parliament to differentiate between better biofuels – is a missed opportunity to amend the biofuels legislation in an ambitious and meaningful manner. Once adopted in Council, it is now up to Member States to implement the revised Directives in a way that does not fragment the internal market for biofuels and ensure the roll out of E10 fuel across all Member States.


“Today’s vote is an important staging point in the process to develop a stable, consistent and forward looking policy that promotes the best performing biofuels, such as conventional and advanced European ethanol, as part of the EU’s 2030 climate and energy policy. With its low ILUC and high GHG savings, European ethanol will be an essential part of the future transport fuel mix”, said Robert Wright, Secretary General of ePURE.”


In this regard, ePURE particularly welcomes the statement from Commissioner Cañete to the Parliament this morning that this political compromise is a necessary step in the much bigger picture of developing a post-2020 Energy Union package that will provide for a non-fossil fuel future with the support of sustainable biofuels.


The European renewable ethanol association (ePURE) represents the interests of European renewable ethanol producers to the European institutions, industry stakeholders, the media, academia and the general public. Based in Brussels, ePURE represents 58 member companies, with production plants in 16 member states, accounting for 90% of the installed renewable ethanol production capacity in Europe.  The organisation, established in 2010, promotes the beneficial uses of ethanol throughout Europe.

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