Alco Bio Fuel / Our products


Our ethanol complies with the official fuel EN 15376 : 2014 specifications.

It is also partly sold for rectification usages, for screen-wash applications, etc.


DDGS (Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles)

Our main co-product, DDGS, concentrates about 3 times the protein of consumed grain.  It is sold to the feed industry (dairy and beef cattle, pigs, and poultry) in flour or pellets. We also sell a part of it in wet form, to the farming community within reasonable distance of our plant.  Our trade names are:

  • Proticorn (DDGS from corn)
  • Protifeed (DDGS coming mostly from wheat)
  • Protistar (WDG wet distillers’ grains, a bit comparable to spent grains from a brewery)
  • Protisyr (CDS, condensed distillers’ solubles)
  • Protigold (DGS, distillers’ grainswith solubles , a combination of Protistar and Protisyr)


Corn oil

We separate a part of the corn oil, present in the syrup, and sell it for the feed industry, and biodiesel raw material.



Thanks to our cogeneration unit, we produce electricity and steam with high energy efficiency (35% better than producing them separately).  Steam quantity just matches the needs of our plant, while 50% excess electricity production is injected on the grid. (i.e. the equivalent of the consumption of 25.000 households)



AlcoBioFuel and the industrial gas suppliers Messer Benelux and IJsfabriek Strombeek invested in a brand-new green carbon dioxide recovery unit and reduce CO2 emissions in Belgium.

This new unit established at Alco Bio Fuel in the Port of Ghent will be operational in summer 2016 and will recover and process no less than 100,000 tons of green CO2 each year.

This installation recovers and purifies the Green CO2 gas released during the ethanol fermentation process and converts it into a liquid can be used in the food and drink industry, in water purification, for refrigerated transports or as a chemical source.

Not only does ABF thus reduce the CO2 footprint of bioethanol, the company also significantly expands its product offer.

From summer 2016, AlcoBiofuel will commercialize directly 50.000 tons per year of this Green CO2 production with the following advantages:

  • Constant production over the all year
  • Full automatized truck loading facilities connected to the Liquid CO2 storage tanks
  • Perfect logistic location in the port of Gent with access to railway and water transport

For more information on the Green CO2 product, please contact or tel: +32 (0)9 326 93 60.