Started in 2008, Alco Bio Fuel is one of the largest bioethanol producers in Europe. The plant was created through the collaboration of Alcogroup, Vanden Avenne and Arvesta / Wal.agri.

Alco Bio Fuel combines various processes including grinding, hydrolysis, fermentation, distillation, evaporation, drying … Starting from the raw material maize, this produces bioethanol, a high-quality protein-rich animal feed, corn oil and CO2 of the highest quality.

Every day we work with approximately 45 colleagues at the plant in the port of Ghent (production, maintenance, logistics and engineering). We are a company with a no-nonsense mentality and we have the ambition to continuously improve our processes, with a lot of attention to productivity, safety, the environment and quality.

We are currently looking for motivated people to join our team.