About us

Alco Bio Fuel is a joint partnership between shareholders with a vast experience in all products related to bioethanol production and high protein animal feed.

Majority shareholder Alcogroup is an ethanol production, distribution and trading group, operating at worldwide level.

Vanden Avenne Commodities is a family company active in the trade, distribution and storage of grain and derivatives.

Arvesta and Wal.Agri are the biggest full-service partner for Belgian farmers and growers, active among others in agri-products storage and distribution.

Alco Bio Fuel Ghent is strategically located at the Rodenhuizedok, a unique Biofuel cluster in the Port of Ghent. Since its start-up in July 2008 it provides advantages for the production of top-grade bio-ethanol, and a wide range of co-products such as protein-rich feed (DDGS), liquid CO2, corn oil and electricity.

The location is strategic for a number of reasons:

  • The port is ideally located within close range of the biggest corn and wheat producing regions in North-West Europe. Imports from all corners of the world can be handled with equal efficiency.
  • The ethanol production unit is located next to Euro-Silo, a grain handling and storage company with a storage capacity of 650,000 tons. Euro-Silo takes care of the handling of grains and co-products of Alco Bio Fuel.
  • The existing transport network and infrastructure offer multiple options for the transport of both raw materials and finished products whether by road, rail, barge and coaster or the largest Panamax vessels.
  • Ghent is closely linked by water to large oil refining hubs in Antwerp, Rotterdam and Germany.

The Alco Bio Fuel production unit incorporates the latest state-of-the-art technologies for energy use and handling of a wide variety of grains reducing the environmental footprint to a maximum.

Location, technology and diversification of products; these 3 factors together make Alco Bio Fuel Ghent to one of Europe’s most competitive and flexible biorefineries.