Alco Bio Fuel (ABF) is one of Belgium’s major biorefineries processing grain (mostly corn/maize) into bio-ethanol, protein-rich animal feed: (DDGS), liquid CO2, and a number of other by-products such as corn oil. We are also a producer of electricity.

It is a joint partnership between majority shareholder Alcogroup (the Brussels based producer, trader and distributor of ethanol), Vanden Avenne Commodities (grain and derivatives trading and storage), Arvesta and Wal.Agri (biggest full-service partner for Belgian farmers and growers).

This exceptional collaboration between shareholders with a vast experience in all products related to the bioethanol production process  resulted in an excellent bundling of competences necessary to the production of top-grade bioethanol and co-products.

About us

Our biorefinery

Strategically located in the Port of Ghent, our biorefinery processes all our raw material, (mainly corn) in added value products. The sugars from the grain are eventually converted into liquid energy: alcohol. The protein in the grain is maximally preserved, and supplemented with valuable yeast proteins to become a nutricious rich animal feed.

Our Products

Ethanol for fuel and industry, green CO2, enriched protein, corn oil, electricity and wet corn during the season… Mainly based on corn, our high quality products are daily used by many consumers all around the world. Providing agile production solutions, Alco Bio Fuel contributes to a more sustainable way of living.

Sustainable living

Environmental footprint is strictly linked to what occupies us every day. For 30 years, we kept exploring, developing and applying new methods and knowledge in our sector. This pioneering spirit is part of our identity and will drive us for at least another 30 years.

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Behind the scenes at our biorefinery in Ghent

People associate Alco Bio Fuel mainly with bioethanol, the green fuel that we mix in petrol in Belgium to meet the European environmental targets. However, three other products are made at the biorefinery in Ghent port. Plant manager Pablo Vercruysse: “We let nothing go to waste in our production process. Sustainability is ingrained in our […]

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