ePURE welcomes anti-dumping decision on US ethanol imports.

Brussels,Today–The EU has gone a step ahead towards making a final decision to impose an antidumping duty of 9,6% on US ethanol imports for 5 years. A majority of EU member states endorsed this decision. It was considered legitimate to compensate EU producers for the injury caused by cheap and subsidised US ethanol imports on the EU market during the past 3 years, causing ethanol prices in Europe to go substantially down.


ePURE, the European Renewable Ethanol Association, originally filed the complaint in November 2011 on behalf of the European industry and is satisfied with this outcome.


“As the plaintiff in this case, we very much welcome this decision by the EU institutions. It is a positive outcome for the EU industry because European ethanol producers have been unfairly undermined by the dumping of USethanol on the EUmarket”, said Mr. Rob Vierhout, Secretary General of ePURE.


“We sincerely thank the European Commission for its hard work in processing our complaint and, with the support of Member states, for acknowledging the damage suffered by the EU industry. This positive outcome is not only a legitimate compensation for the past injury but it also sets a good precedent for challenges that the industry will be facing in the future”, added Mr. Vierhout.

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